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Calculate Delta value from time series data

ajaywazir posted this 15 May 2019

Hi Is there a way to create a tag that computes difference between two values of another tag taken at different times? e.g I have a power meter

  • Value on Jan 1 00:00:00 hrs = 100
  • Value on Jan 2 00:00:00 hrs = 110
  • Value on Jan 3 00:00:00 hrs = 130

I need to calculate consumption on Jan 1 and Jan 2 as 10 and 20 respectively. So on and so forth How can I achieve this



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rdeserranno posted this 18 May 2019

You can use calculations to do this. Create a new property and the result of the calculation is saved on that property.

ajaywazir posted this 29 May 2019


I set up a basic calculation to capture min and max of a tag value at 5 min interval It is defined in the components of the type of the asset. the actual calculation is defined in the assest/component/properties and historise is enabled. At the same time, the value is configured to be copied to another tag.

The task is scheduled to run every 5 minutes and take the data of last 5 minutes. Settings are as follows:

  • Schedule every 5min
  • Time PT05M or PT5M
  • TimeOffset PT0H

It does not capture (or provide the correct values).

Any guidance?